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WellTra aims to give you back control over your well being! We will help you be more health conscious!

What is WellTra?

WellTra is a revolutionary platform designed to enhance your well-being journey. Using advanced cloud-based affective AI technology, WellTra interprets and quantifies a broad spectrum of human emotions and states, both physiological and psychological, through your smart phone’s front camera! Our innovative system goes beyond traditional health tracking by providing insightful analysis into your overall wellness, empowering you to understand and improve your emotional and physical wellness. Whether it's managing stress, improving sleep, or monitoring fitness, WellTra is your intelligent companion in achieving a balanced, healthier lifestyle

Analyze Your Results

Unlock the full potential of your wellness journey with WellTra's intuitive analysis. Our platform doesn’t just track your progress – it helps you understand it. From visualizing workout effectiveness to monitoring emotional well-being and stress levels, WellTra provides a complete picture of your wellness. With our easy-to-read charts and personalized insights, you'll see not just how far you've come, but also where you can go next. Empower yourself with data-driven guidance to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional health, all in one place.

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WellTra uses your smart phone’s front camera to assess your general wellness.

World’s first and most comprehensive video-based health and wellness measurement app. All through your smartphone without the need for any wearables or integrations!

Embrace a Dynamic
Wellness Journey

Revitalize your health and wellness experience with WellTra. Break free from the mundane and embark on a dynamic, personalized journey tailored to your unique needs. Our platform keeps your wellness routine fresh and engaging, offering a variety of tools for mindfulness, stress management, and emotional well-being. With WellTra, every day brings new insights into your health, encouraging continuous growth and discovery. Stay inspired and motivated as you explore different aspects of your wellness, all in an interactive and user-friendly environment. Your path to achieving wellness goals is as diverse and distinctive as you are.

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